Hello, lovers

My name is Maryna and I'm an international editorial wedding photographer based in Sydney.

I was born in Ukraine, but for the last 8 years I call Australia my home, where my husband and I raise our beautiful children.

I love to travel worldwide, and have been lucky enough to witness vows of love in 6 different countries.

My heritage taught me to believe in freedom and truth and this is strongly reflected in my work. I love creating space for those around me to feel safe, and care free, and this allows me to capture people truthfully.

If I want authentic you I need to be honest with you too.

I curse a little, I drink wine and I watched "50 shades of Grey" twice. I also have two master degrees, background in art, was building an escape room business and worked as a political newspaper editor.

I enjoy this life and salute to every brave human, who does what he believes in and truly loves.



My approach

While being a sucker for Editorial elegance, I mostly like when couples are having real blast and fun on their wedding day, staying true to their character and nature.

If we've chosen each other, I don't care about your background, identity, shape or religion, weather you want flying pigeons or chickens in the air, if your dream venue is on a lake Como or grandpa's farm.

Today I am in love with authentic you.

I will cry with you, I will laugh with you, I will dance with you, but most importantly, I will put my soul and creativity into every image taken on your big day.

I will not pose you, I will direct you. Interrupt less, inspire more. As long as you are comfortable around me and are in love with life and each other, the camera magic will do the rest. I promise.



“Maryna is not a cherry on the top of the cake… She IS the cake! Sweet, beautiful person, so talented! We felt so much joy with her, shared lots of laughs and some tears of joy as well. Strait ahead she felt like a long-time friend of ours. It was easy and the result exceeded all our expectations! My mom, who sadly couldn’t be at our wedding said she relived that day with us to the fullest when we send her photos. It was the best wedding and we can’t thank universe enough - we had the best photographer!”